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Cotswolds Wedding Photographer - Wedding Videographer - Hyde Barn - Cotswolds - Jenny & Matthew

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

West Midlands wedding photographer

We were back at the fabulous Hyde Barn, Cotswolds for Jenny & Matthews wedding day. Having met these guys the previous year we couldn't have been happier that they chose us as their wedding photographer & wedding videographer. Being looked after by the amazing wedding manager Matt, at Hyde Barn, who ensured the day was like a dream! Jen and Matt have shared a little bit of information about themselves and their wedding story which features after their fabulouse photos. Enjoy Guys! x

Your wedding film highlights are below x x x

How did you meet?

We met at work, Matt was the bank branch manager and use to come up to the Deli that Jen, and her Mum run on the High Street - It took a year or so before our first real date, Matt would try bringing up photography and interest to get to know Jen whilst she made his lunch, even sent an anonymous Valentines day card! (I still have this!). Luckily Matt is a persistent person, eventually Jen met him for coffee on one Thursday in March 2013 they quickly fell in love.

Tell us a little bit about yourselves?

We both like a bit of country music, one of the things we would had in common on our first dates. Matt is very into running and cycling - generally keeping fit! Jen enjoys photography and painting - by the sea usually! Jen with her Mum & her partner Richard all run a catering business, The Thornbury Deli, it has grown over the years and is how Jen and Matt both met. We have a gorgeous little Tortoiseshell cat named Caravaggio (after the Italian Painter), affectionately named Toad for short. Matt and Jen often go away for weekends to Cornwall, St Ives in particular where Jen is from and a very special place to Jen's family and now for both Jen and Matt together. Matt grew up in Slimbridge, spending a lot of time in the Cotswolds - Stow - on - the - Wold is one of the favourites of course! His grandparents were both in the choir at St Andrews Church in Toddington, his Auntie Sarah still sings at the church choir too.

Tell us about the proposal

Matt proposed in St Ives, a very special place for Jen's family and has come to be a place you will often find Jen & Matt. It was Porthmeor beach on the Eve of Jen's birthday about 4.30pm and Matt insisted on a walk across the beach to start the evening. A little way along Matt stopped and turned to Jen, he got down on one knee and asked her to be his wife, surprise, happiness and of course a YES! We are engaged! They were not alone on the beach - much to Jen's surprise - a Webcam on the beach was being watched by Jens Mum, Jane. Matt had agreed the time and place and she watched and his proposal ! A very special moment. Celebrations lasted all weekend with Jens Dad & Liz joining them the next day for her birthday and Engagement celebration.

Why did you choose your wedding venue?

The Saint Andrews Church, Toddington is a very special Church to Matt and his family with his Sister Annabelle, parents and aunties all having got married there also the local church to his late grandparents whom are buried there too. The venue of Hyde House was instantly our favourite when we looked around the local venues to Toddington. A beautiful venue it was perfect for our wedding.

What was the theme of your wedding?

We wanted it to be relaxed, to be warm and winter cosy. The colours were simple white and forest green. I kept the flowers very simple but plenty of them with Gypsophila and foliage. In the church we had lovely big church candles in add the warmth to the (chilly) church! Hyde house had tall vases with beautiful Olive branches.

What was the best thing about the build up to your day?

We are very lucky to have had so many people around us with the skills to help. Matts Auntie, Sarah, she did our flowers - she made the church and Hyde House look unbelievably beautiful! Jen's Mum, Jane helped Jen to choose the right dress, the bridesmaid dresses, the Cake of Cheese bouncing ideas around and searching for the right look. Matts Parents helped a so much with organising the logistics and making the whole day possible ! Planning our wedding with our closest family made it so special and for us, it is what the day was all about - our closest family and friends being with us whilst we got married.

Did anything not go to plan?

The day was even more perfect than we could have imagined!

What are your favourite memories from your wedding day?

Looking back we have so many favourites, the times taken away for photos being the two of us with you snapping away was lovely and so special. The Sparklers was a lot of fun! I think the top moment would have to be the moment we are announced married and that first kiss. Finally, you can relax that moment is what you've been leading up to for so many months !

What would you do differently if you did it again, and what advice would you give to couples getting married?

Personally I would say keep it simple, remember the day is about you two getting married! There are so many things you can add to the day for entertainment and the booths etc. but the day should be about your marriage. Keep it simple and about the vows, the commitment you make to each other for your love and celebration with those closest in your lives.

Why did you choose us and how would your rate us on the day?

Jen with her Mum where looking around at a wedding show about a year before our wedding, a lot of stands that are all pitching to you about the services they offer, it could have been very difficult, then I met Dawn! She had me sold, the professional and clear confidence was all I needed! On the day with so much is happening and you are trying to keep calm - I can not recommend them enough! They are kind and helpful, you end up with the incredible photos & video. It was fun and easy posing for the photos they helped and kept us relaxed from feeling to self conscious. You made it so special and the times when we were taken away from the guests for photos was exciting and fun, we always say "tummy to tummy" now when posing for selfies!

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