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Wedding Photographer / Videographer - Stanbrook Abbey - Worcestershire - Autumn Wedding 2020

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

"Out of 10 you’re so far off the scale that I couldn’t rate you! Honestly incredible service. You’d beat Americans for customer service! Better than Disney!!! We chose you because talking to you at the wedding fayre where we met you, you didn’t try to sell you. You just spoke to us. You were interested in us as a couple and you told us about you being a couple and how you got into what you do.

You let Steve prattle on about photography (which he loves)! You were so personable. It was like talking to friends you haven’t seen in a while. You have been so flexible with COVID and you really did make the day so special. You were funny, charming, caring and considerate. You were angels in a dark time on this planet.

I can’t recommend the two of you enough. You wiped my feet with your hat when I walked through mud! Haha! We were honoured to have you there for our day and I am so pleased you joined us for dinner as it really is the least we could do. You’re both incredible people and fantastic at what you do. We were lucky to have you. Thank you both so much" Catherine & Stephen

Catherine & Stephen's micro wedding day was perfect in so many ways. Not the day they originally planned however, these guys enjoyed each moment with their little two children and mothers!

On a beautiful crisp autumn at Stanbrook Abbey our groom Stephen arrived early with his son James who he chose as his bestman, whose responsibility was to look after the wedding rings. You could sense the excitement building as the time passed quickly and before we knew it Catherine arrived, hair and makeup done and ready for her big day. Mother of the bride Sally helped her daughter Catherine slip into her wedding gown with Elizabeth, our one and only Bridesmaid and Catherines Daughter beamed with joy at the prospect of watching her mommy walk down the aisle.

The wedding dress was on and Stephen waited patiently at the alter for his bride to make her way towards him. Catherine looked stunning as she gracefully walked down the aisle, ready to marry the love of her life. Little James was at hand to pass the wedding rings to mommy and daddy. The registrars completed the service and our couple were declared husband and wife. Stephens mom Wendy's face lit up as our couple sealled their love with a kiss.

We shared the fun and laughter of the day capturing some beautiful wedding photographs at Stanbrook Abbey. Congratulations guys we absolutely loved sharing your incredible wedding day!!

Enjoy your beautiful wedding film highlights below

How did you meet?

Steve and I met in a gay bar in Worcester. I thought I was safe away from men there but no!!!! He was selling shots on the dance floor. I was drunk already. A girl starts making out with him and I thought “perfect opportunity to steal a shot!” I tried to nick one out of his back pocket, as I did so he (whilst still attached to this other girl) grasps my wrist and holds on. He finishes making out with this girl looks at me and says “£2 please!” He says he knew he wanted to be with me from that moment. I was pissed off i didn’t get my free shot.

Tell us a little bit about yourselves?

We were friends before we started dating. Steve doesn’t let people get close to him but after a few months we were the best of friends. We fight but we always make up. Even when we’ve walked away from each other, we’ve always found a way back to each other. We have been together 5 years as a couple and friends for 8. We are raising two amazing children together a role Stephen never wanted. “I’m not having kids” then he took on two and he’s the most amazing Dad. Then again he also said he’d never get married. Our relationship works on the fact that we can make each other laugh. Steve is excitable and funny, I’m more conservative but I lack common sense and that makes him chuckle. He’s great at cooking, cleaning, sewing, building and I’m ... well I’m the pretty one haha! I’m not sure what my role is in our marriage. I only know I love him more than he’s ever been loved. We love to curl up and watch horror movies and the majority of our pre-married life consisted of ordering late night pizzas in bed! Steve grew into maturity very quickly when he started dating me and took on the children. In him doing so he enabled me to relax a bit and have more fun with life. We really do balance each other out nicely. We enjoy each other’s company and cherish the time spent together knowing that when we’re apart we will always come back to the other. We’re daft! But we’re very happy and have been for 8 years. Romantically or otherwise we’ve always made each other happy.

Tell us about the proposal

I had taken our daughter Elizabeth into town for a drama class. On the way in she’s looking in all of the shop windows. I eventually go “what are you doing Elizabeth?!” She replied “trying to see if I can find one like the one daddy’s got!” What!!!!!???!!!! I text him letting him know what Elizabeth had just said and he said “tell her to shut up and then come home!” I dropped her at her drama class and headed home. In the kitchen of our house Steve had champagne that he bought on our first anniversary sat out on the side with two glasses. He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. The ring was stunning! He had designed it himself with the help of Ice Fine Jewellery (who also provided us with our wedding bands). A purple stone, my favourite colour. The proper wasn’t big or fancy, it was beautiful, it was perfect and it was so us! We bought this house off plan and we are the only people to have ever lived in it. He proposed to me in our kitchen and he carried me over the threshold on our wedding night. We then drank the champagne out the front of our house in glorious sunshine and celebrated together that this was going to be our future. We were going to be us forever.

Why did you choose your wedding venue?

I chose it. I picked 3 and shortlisted them from my favourite to least to take Steve to, knowing he’d get bored and probably only make it to two! I overestimated. We made it to Stanbrook (my favourite) and that was as far as we went. He liked it too. He says it’s because it was perfect but the giggle let’s me know he also couldn’t be arsed to continue wedding venue hunting haha! We (I) chose it for a few reasons. Firstly, it’s colour schemes are green and purple. Green is Steve’s favourite colour. Mine is purple. Also because Steve isn’t religious and so we were never going to get married in a church but I like that church look and also attended a convent school, so the church look of the Callow Great Hall was perfect for what I was looking for. It helped that the staff were incredible! Throughout lockdown they were fantastic and with rearranging they were brilliant. The food was fantastic (although expensive) so that helped us decide too.

What was the theme of your wedding?

Stephen & Catherine’s family. That was our theme. We wanted the wedding to represent us! We wanted it to be not just our day but the children’s too. Steve was officially becoming their Dad and to include them was always really important for us both.

What was the best thing about the build up to your day?

Covid really ruined the build up! I think I was permanently terrified that the wedding would never happen. You guys helped immensely in helping me relaxing. Letting me cry and picking me up when I was losing hope. To be very honest I was not excited about the build up at all. I just wanted to finally be able to stand there and get married.

Did anything not go to plan?

F*cking COVID!!!! The whole day was moved 4 times!!!!! Haha! When it finally did happen though we decided to just have the kids and our mum’s there and tbh that gave us both the opportunity to celebrate the way we really wanted to. With family. It’ll be great to have everyone there eventually but to get to experience it cut right the way down was incredible and actually something we’re very grateful for.

What are your favourite memories from your wedding day?

The locket my mum gave me of her and my dad before I walked down the aisle. Wearing my dad on my finger to walk down the aisle. Holding Steve’s hands and knowing how nervous he was despite being so calm on the outside and everyone saying he was so calm. I’ve no idea what James and Steve got up to before the wedding but I hear I should be dreading some of the photos haha! Seeing my son holding the rings looking so smart. All the photos with Steve after the wedding. They were so much fun to do but with each “staged” kiss I could just feel myself grinning. No matter how many times we kissed for the camera, every smile was real because I was so happy. Watching my son proudly display his St Christopher with his Dad because they matched. Listening to my daughter read out her speech at dinner. Trying to get all the balloons down from the ceiling after they escaped as we were leaving the venue haha! Elizabeth & James taking it in turns to have Steve lift them up to grab the string. Standing outside the door and refusing to go inside until Steve had parked both our car and his mother’s because I was NOT walking over the threshold I was being carried! Getting upstairs to find heart petals on the bed. Steve surprised me by making a real effort. There are so many wonderful memories.

What would you do differently if you did it again, and what advice would you give to couples getting married?

Forget everyone. You don’t need them. You don’t need the big party. Honestly not being able to have that has been a real blessing in disguise. It was beautiful in small numbers and I wouldn’t do anything differently.

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