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Award winning wedding photographers

Wedding Photographer & Videographer

Meet us the creative team behind the lens, Dawn and Carl—a husband and wife team with a passion for immortalising love stories. we offer multi award winning wedding photography and videography, your wedding day is in safe hands with us. Being a wedding photographer & videographer is a real joy for us, we could not imagine doing anything else. 


Dawn, an outdoors enthusiast with a heart for creatures with four legs, particularly horses and dogs. Meanwhile, Carl, seldom seen out of the studio, possesses a musical soul and a passion for singing and songwriting. Together, we form a duo that brings a unique blend of passion and creativity to our craft. We have 4 children between us and love spending time with family and friends whenever possible.

Our journey began over a decade ago when we decided to capture the magic of our own wedding day through the art of wedding photography and videography. This personal experience ignited the spark for our wedding-focused business, where we specialise in capturing the quiet, intimate moments and warm-hearted shots that make each wedding day uniquely special. We have a keen eye for light, fun and laughter seeking out the energy, good vibes, and magical moments that unfold throughout every authentic celebration, telling the love story of two families coming together.

Working seamlessly side by side, we become an integral part of your journey, evolving with each passing moment. From the tender moments during the ceremony to the raw emotion, warmth, and joy that permeate the day, our film and photography encapsulates the atmosphere, romance, and excitement, creating a timeless narrative to be cherished for a lifetime.

This is not just a job for us, it's a testament to the love we have for capturing couples' stories, evident in the heartwarming testimonials and the numerous accolades we have received throughout the years. We would love to be your dedicated partner in preserving every precious moment of your authentic and beautiful love story. 

So if you haven't booked your wedding photographer & videographer we would love to speak to you. We feel it is important to speak to our potential couples via a video call, and would love to arrange a chat over a cup of tea at a time convenient to you both. Just complete a contact us form and we will be in touch very soon...

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"We don't just take photos and videos, we capture memories that will last a lifetime."


Get in touch



We offer a number of simple packages to avoid confusion, bespoke options are available allowing you to tailor how we capture your wedding day to your hearts content. We are very competitively priced offering you a quality, friendly and professional service.



We love natural, unposed and relaxed wedding photography & wedding videography. So if you're looking to book wedding photographers / wedding videographers when you're getting hitched. Look no further, will capture the fun, laughs, tears, treasured moments, and all those little thing's that make your wedding day so big. 

How would you describe your wedding photography style?


Wedding photographers use a number of phrases to describe what style of photography they use, such as, photojournalism, reportage, documentary, alternative, etc... The meaning of these varies, dependent on whom you speak to.


We strive to capture your wedding day whilst being considerate, un-obtrusive and supportive, meaning you will receive beautiful natural imagery that tells your wedding day love story.


The wedding photographs received will be a true reflection of your wedding day. The joy, ambience, fun, love and laughter will be there for you to share forever.  




Yes we generally recommend between 6-8 group shots to our couples, this way we get the essential shots without stealing you and your guests away for too long. When getting those all-important couple shots we generally set aside only up to 20 minutes, this way we can get you back to the party as quickly as possible. 


This is a day you will only get to experience once so by limiting the time we spend shooting group and couple shots to a minimum we ensure you get the very best out of your wedding day. 




The key thing for us is that you relax, if you do not feel relaxed it will show in the photos and film. We want you to have fun, laugh and just be you! it’s so important that we capture your personalities. We do not pose you in the general meaning of the word but rather position you both in a way that your natural characters shine through. 




Yes!  it’s a great fun way to get to know each other and to see first hand how we will shoot on your big day!  It can help put our couples at ease ahead of their big day especially if they may be a little nervous. 


Our couples love a pre wedding shoot, many of them use the photographs for invitations or save the date cards or some just because they can!


  We can arrange to meet at a location central to us both, if you are keen to book an engagement shoot please do so at the earliest opportunity.




Plan for the worst and hope for the best, they say! Do not worry we are professionals and always bring spare equipment with us on the day. Our main wedding photographer and wedding videographer carry two cameras with them at all times as standard. Our cameras save to two memory cards at the same time so if a card fails we know we will always have a backup.




Well we do live in the UK well known for the odd shower or ten! Nearly every single wedding we shoot in the UK experiences periods of wet weather at some point during the day. Sometimes this has no effect at all on the day and other times we just have to either work around it or embrace it for what it is.  


We always strive to get you guys outside at some point during the day, so as soon as the rain eases or stops we will seize the moment to grab a few couple shots. To be fair some of our favourite photos have been taken in the rain. Group portraits can always be done inside as we have the lighting equipment to ensure you get beautiful sharp images.




Yes, we are covered up to £10,000,000 enabling us to shoot at any venue in the UK and beyond, many venues require a copy of our insurance ahead of your big day as standard . Please check with your photographer before you book as the venue will not allow them to shoot your day without the required cover in place




We get asked this so many times... and the response is generally "We haven’t worked at Buckingham Palace but we know we would make it look amazing!" We have shot at hundreds of locations up and down the UK and beyond. Blenheim Palace being one of the favourite places we have captured.


Having worked at your venue isn’t essential, some photographers who shoot at the same venues time and time again can become stagnant and produce the same images over and over again. We want your day to be as unique as you are and fresh eyes often see something new and exciting.




Yes!  We shoot weddings across the UK and beyond. Jamaica being one of our favourite destinations, already having shot two weddings there. 


We actually have a bucket list of destinations where we would like to shoot including, Santorini, Lake Garda, New York and New Zealand. 


Let's get talking to see what we can work out!

Based in Lichfield we are a multi award winning professional film & photography business that cover the West Midlands, Staffordshire, Worcestershire, Warwickshire, Gloucestershire, Cheshire, The Cotswolds and the rest of the United Kingdom. 

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We hear time after time that one of couples biggest regrets is not to have their wedding day filmed by a professional wedding videographer. With us you can have your day photographed and filmed together.


Nothing compares to the quality of a professional, story driven wedding film to showcase your wedding day memories which come to life, in a way a photograph cannot. 


As professional wedding photographers and wedding videographers we understand the strengths of both and always recommend if possible that you not only book a wedding photographer but also a wedding videographer to capture the best possible memory of your day.


Your wedding film will tell your love story, bringing together all the great elements of creative wedding videography. We ensure that the emotion, joy, laughter, tears, memorable words and the odd kiss or two from both family and friends are captured forever.  


Your wedding film will be uploaded to a private online gallery, so you can view your wedding film and download it anywhere in the world. This is great for family and friends who may live a long distance away, they too can see your wedding film, just send them the link...its that easy.



Your wedding film is crafted from footage we capture on your big day and with you choosing the music, its a match made in heaven. Letting our creative side wonder brings together the purposeful elements of your big day that you will want to watch over and over again.


Our aim is to edit your film to include all of the main elements in a timely format, adding in a sprinkle of those extra magical moments captured which will surpass your expectations.


 Your wedding film will average around 40-60 minutes in length

 You also will receive a 2-5 minute highlights clip which is ideal for sharing across social media. ( due to PRS licensing we will choose the music your highlights / teaser clips are set to ).

So what are you waiting for book your wedding photographer & videographer today!

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